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I loved reading this. Your descriptions and photos are very enticing.

Fulltime Mom

Lontong is a very common dish in Malay stalls in the morning, many of which comes in their own version of garnishing which the same thin soupy "lodeh". I think the thin stands of noodles in it is not mee xin but "sook hoon" which is also known as glass noodles, of the thai salad fame.


The pancakes you had are known as kuih ketayap or kuih dadar. Dodol is a glutinous rice flour, santan, brown sugar concoction.

Mama BoK

Lontong is a very common dish in Singapore.. :) and the one you had.. .looks yummy..!! boy do i envy you ..!


the kuih ketayap look so yummy. lucky you.


oh, that picture and description of those kuihs!! how i miss those. they are some of my favourites!


Yummy! BTW, my bf would argue that lontong comes from Indonesia =)


Who got the recipes? Can anyone pass it to me?

Armanshah Omar

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wow your kuih ketayap look so nice ..ermm

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