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At Kampar - near the Kampar hawker center, there is 1 coffee shop selling this claypot rice also. For the small pot, i think is selling at $3.50/pot & the rice is good enough for two adult to eat. May have a try if you are there.

Transparent Reality

A brilliant homage to a delicious and simple dish that I just love! Wonderful pictures to boot, as well.

You're not the only one who attacks the crisp rice. ;)


You have been told wrong. To me, the crisped rice sticking to the pot is the best part about this dish. Sometimes we even fight for the crust.


Allen, umami - thank you. I'm vindicated. I say it loud and proud: I-LOVE-THE-BURNED-RICE.
KG-Food, thanks for the tip. But there are a few coffee shops near the hawker center in Kampar - can you be more specific?


You take the "Bank Bumiputra" junction in & go straight, you will see the coffee shop - "Kam Ying" (opposite this shop is - "Restoran Yin Phun"). Operation hour start from 3pm. Behind this coffee shop you can see there is another roll of shop selling noodle & etc. Try the "fish ball" - nice.


>> This blackened crust
crispy burned rice. that's a fav to some (including me)


lovely food ! I put on weight during review and am worried...do u have the same problem?


Wonderful post!
The claypot rice looks sooooo darn gOOd!
It's not something I can make home nor can find around here :p


Yay, more vindication from slurp!

KG - thx for the clarification. Will definately try next time I'm in Kampar.

Ceendy - you could probably do a decent rendition with a claypot set on a BBQ...

foodcrazee - of course. I do most of my "reviewing" on the wknd and usu. start Monday up a pound or two. Working up a sweat in the gym on a regular basis (ipod helps) is my only salvation...

Easily Pleased

fantastic photos - wow. and while reading, i was just wondering if you were going to talk about that "crusted" rice on the bottom... I have never had this Chinese dish (want to!!) but have had plenty of Bi Bim Bap (Korean) which is similar. All my Korean friends have taught me to fight over the crusted part on the bottom - the most treasured part of the dish! Your blog rocks.


Easily Pleased, I *love* bi bim bap. Now that you've reminded me of it, I must search out a Korean restaurant here in KL so I can get a fix.....


Thanks for the entry. I love this dish a lot myself. I posted a thumbnail of your image in my site. Hope you dont mind. I linked back to your site.


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