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They have the chicken with herbs version too. Yau Kee is a MUST-GO eateries in Kampar. Recently they opened up their branch in Ipoh. Nice pictures~!


Intriguing! Is this chicken with herbs version worth a try (ie. how does it measure up to the curry version?). Thanks for the info!


Looks yummy. Look like begger chicken. Sorry for the late post. Was busy recently.
There's a shop called 'Hakka Kitchen' at Jalan Pudu (Don't know the exact address though). Their lui cha is good. But I like my mom's version. Sarawak is full of Hakka people.
BTW, do try the laksa n nasi lemak at Jusco Midvalley. Simply devine. Have to queue though.


The herbs version - MUST try too. Its very nice (have not try the curry version yet)
Great post...


OK then, it looks like it's back to Kampar for the herbs version.

Fong - laksa at Jusco Midvalley. I'm a bit dense but do you mean AT Jusco in the megamall or ....??? What kind of laksa (something I am definately not getting enough of)?


Yupe. There's a food section at the home n applicances section inside Jusco. If not mistaken is at 2nd floor.
I was also suprise to see many people queueing for the laksa n nasi lemak.
You should give it a try :)


hmm ... sounds like golden pillow of Singapore. basically chicken wrapped in bread dough. the bread dough helps locks up all the wonderful flavors & aroma :)


slurp - is this golden pillow a restaurant or name of a food? I will find myself in Sing one of these days ... is it a must-try?


the auspicious dish is named such as the loaf is shaped like a pillow, golden becoz of color of curry. meansing it's like a "pillow" (bread load) filled gold "Curry" :)

they got webby here, check it out!


slurp, looks like a taste comparison might be in order. Golden Pillow v. Roti Ayam (I will admit that the former already has a leg up in the competition with the name)


It looks delicious :)

knorr philippines

It looks really yummyt! I've also done that in home. But in my case, adobo in a loaf is my favorite! To try something new, I'll try it.


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