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have you heard of the famous Malaysian civetcatpoo coffee (made of coffee beans that have been eaten by a civet cat, expelled through the excrement, retrieved and then made into coffee)? I've never tried it, but I believe it is true and meant to pack quite a punch.


More kopi lingo -
kopi see - local coffee with evaporated milk
kopi kao - extra thick / strong kopi
cham - kopi /tea mix

Try dunking a yu tiao / yau char kwai in a kopi o


Check out Coffee Hut between the Rasta Mamak and Esso Station on Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Starts from 7pm onwards. Has jars of coffee powder from all over Malaysian including coffee from Muar, Batu Pahat, Kemaman, Kulim etc!

My personal favourite coffee place :)

Give us a buzz when in neighbourhood. I just live across the road. Can have a cuppa together!


Great post! I love being informed about coffee traditions in different countries. Apart from the liberica beans, the Malaysians seem to prepare and enjoy their coffee similarly, in some ways, to the Vietnamese.


phiz - I hate you bec. you were just in Sydney and now you're in Mumbai eating homemade veggie curry. But I'll answer you anyway. ;-) Vietnam and Indonesia have versions of civetpoo coffee beans too, forget what they're called. (What's it called in Malaysia?) Tried it once in Vietnam and really couldn't tell the diff.

shiewie, now I'm confused. kopi kao - should I specify 'o' if I want milk or is it always black? kopi see - do some places serve local coffee *and* non-local? Or is the 'see' specifying only evap and no sweetened condensed milk? cham - had this at Village Park. They call it "special champ coffee". Yum!

Hsian, good, you're back, I was looking for youre earlier comment re: this place but couldn't find it. Ugh, 7pm huh? I'd love to go for a tasting but might never make it to bed. OK ... will definately let you know when we go. Thanks!

Hey sticky. Yes, quite similar, that's what I thought too. The whole butter thing (although that's not the rule with all Malaysian roasters). I would say Vietnamese brew theirs even stronger (which is probably why a glass of kafe sua da is so much smaller than a glass of kopi ais). I will say I was quite relieved after we left Saigon to find that I'd landed in another coffee-centric country!


u will find the chivetcat thingy all over Asia with coffee plants....apaprantly chivet cats love to eat coffee beans...

Vietnam have a diffent roasting method and both nation Vietnam and Malaysia have their own coffee flavour. If u brew Malaysian coffee like they do in Vietnam, u will have a strong one too. Let it drip and then mixed in some condensed milk and whipped it up. Thats the SEA thingy aint it.

Great write up


I thought civet coffee beans were only available in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia. so now malaysia also have this?!

'o' mean black, 'kao' mean thick, so
kopi-o (black coffee)
kopi-o kao = think black coffee

kopi special (malaysia) = kopi-C (singapore) which means evaporated milk is added which enhanced the aroma.

'kosong' means no sugar. so kopi-o kosong (singapore) means black coffee with no sugar. not too sure if it's the same as in malaysia.

excellent writeup!


Thanks for the coffee info, usually I think coffee drinks from Southeast Asian restaurants are too sweet, I think I'll take mine 'kopi o' if I'm ever in Malaysia


slurp, thx for the addtl info. Think I will add a coffee glossary to this post sometime soon.
Gerald, I agree. I think the trick is to get evap. milk instead of sweetened condensed. I'll be honest and say that when the coffee is this strong I can't take it black (Turkish excepted, 'cause it's just a little cup). Hey - I'm lovin' that slicer (tho' Dave did lose a bit of finger to it first time we used it)!


Didn't realise it was kopi c in S'pore and kopi special in Malaysia ... have been calling it kopi c (teh c too) for 30+ years in Malaysia ... more for my parents ;)



I want to buy from the wholesaler who carry these Malaysian brand coffee that the writer describes. Beside Starbucks here in China, you can hardly find an authentic Asian coffee.

Kindly provide me the contact details.

Keep writing........


JOnes, I don't have a list of wholesalers of Malaysian coffee, but if you google "malaysian coffee" you'll probably come up with a few. Good luck!

Ah Ting

Would like to recomend Kluang railway station coffee (has a branch at One Utama) and Kopi Cap Televesion.

Basuki Ongko

Is there anyone in Malaysia who will buy civet coffee in its original form?
It is easier to claim the originality of the kopi luwak by selling the shit it self.
I know some guys who go for the s$$t hunting here in Java.


HI THERE! Wonder anyone can help me sourcing for 10 raw beans malaysia liberica coffee beans with botanical name to be sent for dna test! amazing isn't it that they have found the technology to trace the origin of the beans.

Gas kit

A variety of health problems like arthritis and gastrointestinal issues can be caused by over acidity of our system, unbalanced pH and contributed to the consumption of regular, not to say “not healthy” coffee and the negative consequences of caffeine.

Tang Kok Wai

Dear Sirs,

Malaysian Robusta coffee, is quite ok if you give it a very fine grind.

Can contact Tang at 0060 012 4972379 to ship some to you.

Thank you.

Tang Kok Wai

Dear Sir,

If you would like to try some Malaysian Robuste coffee, please contact [email protected]

Thank you.

Eason Lee

maybe u can try look into "Kopi 434"
it is founded in muar of johore and become quite famous in the country.

i've got their website for you!

Graeme Davies

I lived in Vietnam pre the war and got to love it. 'Kopi'is available here [ in Melbourne Australia ] but only in certain restaurants.Please email [email protected] if there is a contact here.
With thanks in advance.

Chibu Loh

hi check out www.greenvanillastore.com for traditionally roasted malaysian coffee or better known as 'kopi kampung' (village coffee)...ships practically anywhere internationally...


I fell in love with kopi in Singapore, and a kind friend bought me a sock and some coffee so that I can make it here in Oxford. Do you have instructions on how to do it? Thanks!

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