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Hi there.

By chance, I happen to be going to Bangkok for a week for a conference. First thought ~ YOUR BLOG! Could you help me out with a few ideas for authentic local food?

Since it was your backyard for quite awhile, are there any special eats you could recommend? Markets and fried grasshoppers will already be on the itinery. I will be staying near the British and Swiss embassies.

I see on the hotel map that there are skytrain stations nearby, so if there's any particularly amazing foodstuffs that I'd need to take public transport to get to, do tell!

It's my first time in Bangkok. A few trackback links to some posts on this blogs, and other recommendations would definitely be appreciated.

Thanks and any help will certainly be appreciated :)


I could eat a LOT of nubbins.

Your photos and commentary always put me in awe. I love how to take photos of...well, everything. "Ahh, the dough is about to be flipped!" I'm probably weird for finding that exciting, but...well, I am weird, so it works out.

I know I'm lucky for living in NYC, but we don't have these fun kinds of street food. Now to find my way to Thailand!


roboppy - glad to know someone else enjoys our anal retentive attention to detail when it comes to food prep. We like to place the food we highlight in its context, if possible.
Perhaps you should be the trailblazer in NYC. What'd you say, open up your own little khao giap maaw kiosk near one of the universities? If you go to Thailand for research you can write it off on your taxes... ;-)

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