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In my case, an endless assault of personal recommendations, until I succumbed.


I wanted to thank you for posting
the pictures and info on cheong fun. I
spent a couple of pleasant hours researching
this noodle and even found some recipes.
Being isolated in the mid-South USA is lot
different than living on the Pacific Rim.
Hope to master this noodle so I don't have
to be at the mercy of the few restraunts that
serve it.

Thank you so very much.


Max, nice to know. Thanks.

Ann - you're welcome, and I would love to know how you get on making chee cheong fun at home. Good luck!


I guess I do agree with Max. :)

But you did mentioned on your blog that there were sites promoting your blog, of the likes of KLue magazine. I believe they help.

Blogrolling/My site being linked up by more 'veteran' bloggers have definitely brought up the traffic a notch.

In all, I believe great content, user interface and layout have the ultimate say in maintaining the traffic.

Keep up the excellent work Robyn. :)


Hi Vincent - KLue never promoted me, just published my letter to the editor. Brief spike in traffic, then back to normal. Believe me, if I was blogging solely for the gratification of seeing my traffic numbers mount ... Eating Asia would be no more!! Thanks for the compliment though, always open to more of those. ;-)


I check my hits too...it's amazing where when and how they come to the blog... you have some terrific entries and I truly enjoy your blog!


Thanks Marketman, back at you. What's perplexing is when you get a little, brief spike in traffic but referrers give no clue as to why....

CH Addict

I actually just mentioned you on Chowhound.com before reading this post. Honey, if you want to see food-obsessed people, check out the site.


CH Addict, thanks for the mention on the illustrious mother of all food sites. Wow, you "love" EatingAsia? :-)

I post on CH as foodfirst. Less so since I started the blog, obviously. I proudly assert that my CH posts on KL (Sept 2003), Penang (Feb or March 2004), and Thailand (throughout 2002) are as food-obsessed as the best of them!

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