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Will T

Great photos, and sounds like a great dish -- not what I guess I would have imagined Bhutanese food to be like, but then again, I don't know that I would have any idea what to expect. Thanks for what sounds like a great recipe.


What a feast for the eyes! The dish looks delicious.


Nupur - glad you like the photos. Give the dish a try, I'd be interested to know what you think.

Hi Will - it was unexpected for us too. Tasted of the American southwest, more than the Himalayas. Thanks for dropping by ... eagerly awaiting your first post from China!


The soup sounds so simple, but compelling. I can't wait to cook it, but one of my housemates can't handle heat. I'm making this the next time she's away on a trip.

Thank you for sharing so many photos from your trip. They provided helpful context about a region I know woefully little about.


Congratulations, great entry and recipe!


Congratulations! I just saw the announcement.


Congratulations on winning! Just noticed and spent a few minutes drooling over your wonderful photos. We had hoped to visit Bhutan while we lived in Asia but got plucked out just a wee bit too soon (after almost 17 years).

Gotta try this dish. We just got Mangos and Curry Leaves also, so it's time to try things out.

Thanks for a beautiful post and a great recipe!


Thanks for the congrats, everyone. Larry, just in case you check back here -- the Sri Lankan fish ball curry and the Goan fish curry in Mangoes and Curry Leaves are both heavenly.


Good for you because you've visited Asian places..Try other Asian countries..You'll be having less expenses..=)..You'll also be amaze of the places..=)


Great to see these beautiful photos – reminds me of our trip to Bhutan. I became rather fond of ema daji which we ate everyday at every meal. Rather comforting after 9 hours of trekking in the cold rain and discovering leeches on you. I particularly enjoyed the locally-brewed rice wine though served with little bits of scrambled eggs and the yak butter making the drink look rather like something from the drains! I wonder if you had the chance to try this or the fabulous yak curry or the rock-hard cubes of tasteless cheese on strings!

Beena Gurung

It is great to see all these photoes and Ama Daji recipe which I was desparately looking as I like real hot sometimes. Thank you.

Account Deleted

Nice reading your account of the amadasi.

I saw amadasi made quick and dirty way at some of the restaurants in Bhutan where the ingredients would go straight on to a hot hot pan with a bit of water and cheese thrown in to make the chiilies simmer and splutter in fiery indignation and then tossed into a regular stock kind of curry ready prepared.

this was ages ago.

Loved the photo essay on Bhutan.

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