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Great article again Robyn.

The way you describe the food just overflows with appreciation and enthusiasm.

The photos are also so well done.
They always makes me feel hungry.



I thought they had shifted or will be shifting soon since their landlord wants to rent the place to someone else instead - chk with Mau as the landlord is her friend.


Thanks Hsien!

boo, mau confirms will happen at some point. I'll try to update the post if they move.


Like you Robyn, I am not a fishball afn. But this is the only place that I will go to for fishballs. And they ain't cheap. My friend and I go there occasionally and the usual fare (the works, minus the chicken but substituted with braised pork) isn't enough to fill our stomachs. So we order one more helping to be shared. And the bill is usually between RM25 and RM30! But this is one of the best places yet. The shop shifted from another corner near its current location several years ago,


Any info where they have shifted to ?
Kuak Nyuk Loong Fish ball.
I went there a couple of week ago (after almost 3 months)
and found out that they shifted.

Appreciate if you could check it out.


Benjamin Ong

I went there a few days ago and confirmed that they have shifted. No luck asking around the neighbours. The man has been around for nearly half a decade and its a shame if he's disappeared. I even have a photo of the man cradling me with my parents when I was 2 months old at their previous lot which is now Wisma Kurnia.

Any idea where have they shifted to? Can someone email me if you have answers to [email protected] please.


Appreciate if anyone has information about the current
location of Kuak Nyuk Loong Fish ball to drop me
a note at [email protected]

31st July 2006.


don't know if anyone's still interested, but this fishball stall has sort of been reborn at another kopitiam in SS2; at the opposite end of the shoplots where Kayu Nasi Kandar/Chow Yang is.

the stall is manned by the younger man now, though. taste-wise, i'd say it's still ok.


The fish ball noodle is open and managed by one of the owner's sister at one of the hawker centre next to chow yang restaurant. You can actually still see 2 familiar faces there. As for your curiosity, to answer it no news for the shop to be back on business. Yet to be confirmed.


Thank you very much for the update! I didn't expect to find his new stall here. Very nice of you Sylvia and Sailorsim.

So this is the 3rd gen running the biz now? The father was doing delivery when his father was running the biz 50 years ago. My dad used to play soccer at the field behind pudu raya and ah loong would join while passing by delivering noodle. This was when they were all teenagers.

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