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Just fascinating. I love reading what you're doing.


What a great article! I am Googling how to get to Bali from Seoul right now. Is it weird that I think the laklak look like giant Hershey kisses?


I am simply taken aback by the sheer gorgeousness of these pictures!


That laklak mold looks exactly like a khanom kroc mold. I own one-all terra-cotta, space for charcoal underneath. I wonder if the recipes are the same.


That's a great write-up. I totally agree with your raison d'etre for travelling - I do that myself. Nothing makes me happier than to stumble upon an open "wet" market. (It also reminds me of home (S.E. Asia) a lot.) One question: are those cakes called putu-s or are they tutu-s? They have that in Singapore and are called tutu cakes. Just wanted to know if the Malaysian product is of a varied name.


Oh my bad; sorry didn't read your article throughly - it's putu piring-s. That makes sense now.


Thanks everyone for the compliments. A pat on the back to the photographer (that ain't me)!
Cat - I thought exactly the same thing when I scanned the slide. :-)
RST - recipes couldn't be the same bec the shells for kanom krok are thin and crispy-ish, right? And putu are fluffy or spongy and cakelike. Maybe it's the same batter but thinner?


wish i can travel around with ya.....such nice place u go..love the volks too...


This is such a great post! I totally agree with you. Did you see Shauna's post on Gluten-free Girl this week about food shopping? I can't stand malls and clothes shopping, but I'll spend all day at an outdoor market. One of my favorite ways to travel as well--such an insight into the place, culture, and life.

And, as always, the photos are amazing!

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Now that I know the lay of the land and have identified my favorite sellers I can draw up a list, zero in on ingredients with minimal distraction, and be home with my laden basket in about an hour.

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