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Evil Jonny

Now how can it be I've gone so long without discovering your wonderful blog, hmmm?

This snack dish looks fantastic, and armed with a kaffir lime tree in my backyard as well as plenty of booze in the kitchen, I'm going to make this immediately.

Thank you! I'll be a regular reader from herein.


Yay, I've gotten a comment on one of my Thailand posts! Thanks for the compliment Evil. Or, would that be EJ? Cheers!


Yes, Robyn. I have tried this gap klaem with beer and it was superb. Surprisingly, I did not know that it was called gap klaem until I read your post. I suppose there is a less spicy version produced by the Indians in Malaysia but again, being terrible with names, I wonder what it's called. It goes well with beer too and is sometimes served in the pubs.


Goddangit that sounds GOOD! The tradition is not dissimilar from that of another drinking culture, the Russians with their zakuski. Just the thing on a cold night with a brand new bottle of vodka...


Hi bayi - this treat is not called gap klaem, that's the general terms for all dishes/snacks that are considered "drinking food". Hmmm...not sure what this is called, come to think of it.

Yep Catherine, I wasn't kidding when I wrote "addictive". We brought a couple bags back from Thailand with us and I keep them OUT OF SIGHT in the fridge ... 'cause once I open a bag and dip in I can't stop till it's finished. We did have one bag for dinner last Sunday...

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