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from ur description, do try the noodles in Imperial Rama Restaurant up in Genting Highlands . Located on 2nd Floor Highlands Hotel


Love your photos! the cantonese noodle looks so delicious! i'm hungry... slurp!


For the best big prawn noodles, it has to this place.

Easily Pleased

YUMMMMMMMM. i am so jealous.


I've been on my own search in Vancouver for the perfect the same Cantonese noodles! It's a childhood favourite of mine from KK. Ooey, gooey goodness! Thanks again for the lovely words and pics.


Yes all, I do love these noodles. Thanks for other recs - slau, I've been to Greenview a few times and I agree, those sang har mee really set the standard. Suppose I should blog it, but everyone already knows it.

Good luck quentina, I never found anything this delish in the States.


so are they the same as Sar Hor Fun? I love the eggy, creamy appearance of the dish - could definitely do with a plate right now.

And, man, Subang Jaya brings bakc memories. We used to go to a club there where dad would play squash while we swam in the pool and then had cucumber sandiwiches for afternoon tea...

Cynthia Ahmar

Could you perhaps email me your Cantonese Noodle recipe, if you have one? ^_^


Lynda D.

Having lived in Malaysia for 6 years I have dreamed of having Cantonese Noodles again. As I looked at your pics my mouth watered. I now need to find a recipe.

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