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Next time you go to Kampar, I want to tag along pleez - will even wake up early for this!

Zhu Cheong Fun is mandarinised version of what is commonly known as Chee Cheong Fun in KL.

Ipoh/Perak/Kampar style chee cheong fun is eaten with pickled green chillies and sometimes with a gravy of minced/chopped chicken and shitake mushrooms whilst KL is with with teem cheong (sweet sauce), chilli sauce and/or karley jap (curry gravy) and Penang's of course is with prawn paste (hae kor).

The piggy part of the name comes from the rolls of noodles looking like pig intestines hence the name chee cheong fun which means pig intestine noodles ;). That said there are some stalls that serve deep fired pig skin with their chee cheong fun along with an assortment of fish balls, fu pei (bean curd skin) and an assortment of yong tau foo (look for movable stalls - cart with umbrella attached to a motorbike with partitioned pots and enamel plates).

We're keen on earthy names for our noodles here - there's also lo shue fun (rat tail's noodles coz they look like em') - but just learnt that the refined name for them is ngan jum fun (silver needle noodles) from this new HK / Sichuan place in Hartamas Shopping Centre.


shiewie - it will be nice to tag along too. Robyn, knows so many makan place.


Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the great pictures and food comments on this great blog.

Always makes me hungry and missing all the local hawker food from Malysia/Singapore.

Unfortunately I am working in Geneva Switzerland so am a long way away from this type of food.

I usually end up stopping by your blog a few times a week in a bit of a masochistic compulsion.

Thanks and keep up the good work!



Another amazing post, which makes me want to jump right on a plane.


Shiewie - yikes, that's a lot of info to digest - thanks! Have you come across them like this before, with gluten and green beans? Perhaps a variation on the mushroom version.
Of course you can come along next time. I just thought you weren't able to get out of bed before 10 on a wknd. ;-)

Hsien - thanks for stopping by. Although I wouldn't call Geneva a hardship post by any stretch of the imagination, I would imagine there's little to no Malaysian food there?

Thanks Kalyn, as always!


Hi Robyn,

The "wrinkled snake beans" is - long bean. In mandarin - "tou jiao" in cantonese - "tau kok". This is 1 of the food tht u can find in the "tunder tea" - Lui Cha. It is very nice too even just fry it with slow fire till tender.

In kampar, have a try of the "jin dui", very nice.

Nice photo

Joo Fei

Hey... I'm a Kamparian here... I came upon your post... And I saw my mother's shop's name (Kit Leng Food Center). This shop belonged to my mother and thanks for the promotion for our Wai Go's DIM SUM... and the Zhu Cheong Fun is made my mother mayube you still remember her with short brownish hair... wearing a bag on her waist and an apron... Haha...

Anyway... the photos you take is good...

Joo Fei

And the gluten and beans are actually called "FAN ZHAI"(Mee/Flour's Son) Hahaha... Its all my from flour and then cooked with DOU KOK


Joo Fei - how lucky can you be, to have a mother running a food shop with such delicious treats!? We saw a fair number of pple there having curry mee as well -- how do you rate it? The dim sum there is really really excellent. Those prawn dumplings are stunners!
Thanks for the fan zhai info -- need to find more info on this dish.

Joo Fei

Ooo... long time never come to this thread... because of studies...
You asked about the curry mee...
This auntie's curry soup is excellent one and their mee and noodles are great too...
But just the side-order like fried fish ball is not so good... hehe

pey xian

hey, can you recommend me on kampar famous food?near by KTAR there, is that have any nice food that you will be recommended?


I think one of the uniquenesses kampar chee cheong fun offers is the dried shrimp and "gao choi" embeded into the noodle itself, you dont find it anywhere else, not even Ipoh (i mean origin). Unlike those "plain" version in KL. It is good enough to take the kampar one with just soya sauce+cooked oil, I really miss it.
Another one I missed is the dumpling (Ham Kok Chai) the lady used to sell on her bycycle, the skin is so thin soft (not soggy) and the filling is so delicious.
I just hope all these good stuff will be inherited.

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