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Very interesting. I learned a lot about coffee, which I consider to be a staple.


nice pic and great post.....would like a blend of robusta and arabica.....great morning drink...cant live without them


Coffee is wicked good... Since I haven't ventured out past my job site and the hotel yet, I am stuck pretty much with instant coffee - for now.

Happen to know of any coffee varieties inherent to Borneo/Kota Kinabalu, by any chance?


Hi Vincent, are you in KK? Gonna make it out to one of the tamu outside of town? We may be heading that way next month. Sorry, no recs for local coffee. Though I would expect some is grown in the highlands of Sarawak (just a hunch, bec of the climate).


Love the photos of the beans. It's a really attractive, evocative fruit, don't you think?


Want to say I think your photos are just great -I aspire to be as good. Would you divulge the type of camera you are using? We're American expats living in Asia as well, so many photo ops, so little time.

Evil Jonny

Amazing photos, thanks! For a coffee fan, this was just great.

Walter Manning

Excellent photos and you captured the look, feel & understanding of Indonesia, I loved it ! I am american but traveled to & thru Indonesia numerous times in the late 1960's and 70's> I later lived permanently and worked in Java Barat & Sumatra Tengah for 19 years 1982 - 2000 and will always miss her. But for me Indonesia is not the same anymore. So I have upstaked and now live in the highlands of Panama near Boquete. Wilujung Sonten, Walter

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