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Thank you for postingabout kaya - one of my fave jams!


Hi! This appears to be just like our own coconut jam in the Phils. Though this has more texture I admit.

Do know that after finding out about your site from Global Voices Online, I read your blog religiously. I never thought Malaysian food was that good. Definitely will try to visit Kuala Lumpur in the very near future. I was supposed to do it 2 years ago but got seriously sick 2 days to my flight and missed the chance.


Go try the kaya sold at the Nyonya Kuih stall in Hock Seng 2 coffee shop in SS2. It's really rich & thick...slurp.


kaya...mmm. it has to be plain white loaf bread (better kaya to bread ratio), sliced as in your post, just barely toasted initially, then once assembled with butter & kaya, toasted again briefly on both sides so the kaya is warm when you bite into it.

heaven in a mouthful.


MM - I'm really not a jam and toast type, but I make an exception for kaya!

Hazel - I think a lot of foreigners haven't a clue as to what Malaysian food *is*, let alone that it's great (I know I didn't, not before my first trip here). IMO the Malaysian Tourism Board is missing a great oppty to promote Malaysia as a foodie's dream destination. Welcome you to enjoy all that KL has to offer! Drop me a line if you want to meet for a bite or a meal.

Robyn - this is what I'm looking for, thanks for the reco. (hm, didn't expect to find another Robyn in Malaysia)

Serena, thanks for the tip re toasting *after* kaya is applied. I think this is what Village Park does. mmmmm indeed!


My family recipe is simpler. As long as these proportions are adhered to the product will be OK. Colour added with a bit of caramel towards the end:

1 cup santan to 1 cup eggs to 1 cup sugar.

I made it once using the double-boiler constant stirring method. These past few days I've been thinking of making it again, but this time I will try a less strenous and sweaty method.


hehehehe! robyn, try the coffee and bread in Bentong if u r next there...give me a call or mail me b4 that


Oops...sorry, it's me edward. accidentally typed in your name in the name field.


I'm salivating! We had kaya toast in Sing but can't get the really good stuff here in OZ - sob, sob. maybe I will have to try making it.


Thanks Robyn! I'll definitely get in touch with you when I'm there.

Chia Jin Ngee

Hi there. I'm the author of that kaya recipe from Makantime. Glad it made it here. My grandma passed away in 2003. Bless her soul. I'm still making this kaya. However, intrepid members of kitchencapers.net have made various versions using microwave ovens, bread machines and slow cookers.

Just register and join the forum. Search for "kaya". Gina the site mod has her own recipe. tthksy has her own family's passed down recipe.

BTW, the green nonya version is pretty good as cake filling.


I can almost smell the kaya while going through the recipe. Thanks.
Well, my kampong have a different way in having this breakfast. They call it roti kahwin.
Try this.
As soon as the toasted bread is spreaded with kaya. Slice a piece of chilled salted butter and sandwiched it in between. Enjoy.


Oh, those thin, incredible slices of bread toasted hot and divided by cold kaya and a slab of butter - how could bagels or doughnuts ever compare? I wish I were home in SG again.


I would like to know whether I can use Gula Melaka instead of regular sugar for the Kaya, Thanks.


Aside from white bread, I also like to eat my waffle with kaya. It's so good. Ask the waffle seller to slap a layer of butter on one side, then kaya the other side. Fold it together and take your first bite. Yum... my saliva is dripping now..

yong nam fong coffee shop

there is a very very small town in johor.Name call "CHAMEK".and also there has a very very traditional "HAI NAN" coffee shop in that town call yong nam fong.the kaya toast is very nice.The kaya itself is made from a very experienced old lady name "MOK LAN".take a chance to try it.MOK LAN's KAYA


just tried the kaya spread with the recipe above and it just tastes really good. i tried the double boiler method. it turned out brownish color maybe because i used the light brown sugar.
i'm just wondering how come in Yun Kaya the Kaya is light yellow i wonder if they just use pure egg yolks?


The kaya being sold at Liza's place at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail is the best I've tasted. Based on the Penang Nyonya recipe, it's thick and satisfying. There's only one type, no green or brown choice.

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