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I suppose anything served up with a chili and eggplant paste would be pretty good. Those little hoppers don't look like they'd make much of an impact at all, do they?
Intriguing sounding dish, for sure.

Tu Cong Van

I have to tell you that I am not a big fan of Frog, but look at your pictures make my mouth water. I will try to see any restaurants in Hanoi serve this dish.
Thanks for sharing .

Easily Pleased

yeow! i am one of those vegetarian "karma" types... but this is way interesting. i love your blog.


Well Sticky, you know what they say about frog (at least they do in the US): 'tastes like chicken'.

Tu, given the easy availability of frogs in most any market in Vietnam, all you need to do is make a special request of the Thai chef at your favorite Thai restaurant, and you're probably there. (or it's a do-it-yourself project)

Thanks EP - sorry, I don't think tofu is gonna work in this dish. ;-)

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