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WAAAAAAAAAA...$15 for a bowl of noodle. This must be the most expensive noodle in Malaysia. But, your photos make it a definite must go...so, let's see $15 + $1000...oki Malaysia, here i come.


Thank you so much for you site! You inspired my first attempt at Thai green curry including the paste today. After taste testing it tons of times, I stopped feeling the heat. Haha! How I would love to go to Southeast Asia, but Japan is seriously overclocking me. If you ever wander up north, give me a shout.


Not quite Promoteuz -- I think 'sang har mee' would qualify as most expensive at 25-90 (depending on quantity and size of prawns) ringgit per plate. Still, I admit this is a lot pricier than your everyday 3.50 bowl o' noodle.

Hi Hanna, that's great that you're doing your own curry paste. I've got some northern Thai recipes coming up so while you're in the States you might want to pick up some pla raa (fermented fish sauce - thicker and stronger than nam plaa), unless you can get it in Japan. (Oh yes, we'd *love* to visit Japan again, last time was Hokkaido in '98).


Amazing photos! I wish I could be there to try the noodles, but alas, Seattle is a long way away.


Geez - the colour of the soup is kind of disarming, isn't it? Looks like a rich gravy.


Well Sticky, I did say "brick red". Disarming to you, drool inducing to me! It is richer than a broth, but not thick enough to be gravy or a sauce. Malaysian dried chilies are quite dark red, and if you grind enough of those I suppose this is what you get....


Just wanted to say I luuuurve your blog. Am sad Malaysian in UK and looking at all the pictures and reading about the food makes me look forward to my trips back home all the more. Droooool!


Whoa! Great looking dish but I didn't know that soup noodles could cost so much! Must be worth it tho'.


ok i just posted on the old page , whoops!
I am salivating all over this blog... can't wait to eat out of those pots!


Bobbie, judging from previous comments there seem to be a lot of sad Malaysians in the UK. What's up with that? Thanks, BTW.

It's worth it Cin. Next time I'd get the small bowl though, 'cause big just means 'more broth' not 'more stuff'.

Russ, this is definately a must-eat if you pass through KL. And like spice.

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