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hahaha! i'm always there and i know who u meant and exactly where u r....do you knw that once the plot of land is planted with ginger, they will never use the same plot again for ginger. it wont grow....


Very informative. Sounds like a great wee place with great looking ducks, great looking everything really. Has Dave considered signing up with Alamy?


From what you've said he has quite a large stock of snaps and I've heard good things from snappers about Alamy.


That beautiful burgandy hued veg is doing the rounds of markets in Hanoi at the moment. I got my snout near it this morning but couldn't detect much. Any idea how you might prepare it and what with? The name eludes me, too.

What do the emblems on the tofu indicate?


foodcrazee - didn't know that abt ginger. How do they keep from running out of land?

pieman, thanks. Would 500+ boxes of slides qualify as a large stock of snaps? Will check it out.

sticky - a friend tells me the burgundy veg is a local variety of amaranth. I'd assume it's stir-fried, perhaps with a bit of ikan bilis for a Malaysian touch. No one is able to shed light on the tofu markings. I'm curious as well ... will continue to ask around. The tofu sellers were not much interested in chatting.

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