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These look delectable! It's been YEARS since I've tasted these biscuits...


Love the dissection on heong peah! More on Ipoh please! Would love a cempedak post too...


Heh. My mum buys those 'heong peng' every week from the pasar malam and I absolutely love it, the part in the middle, at least. I have a sweet tooth Yummy~!


The biscuits look gorgeous! :) I don't usually eat Ipoh heong peah.. parents are advocates of Teluk Intan's version.. haha =)

I've linked your blog - hope you don't mind! Keep up the interesting entries! :)


you should try the Taiping's (just 45 minutes up north of Ipoh)heong peng instead, those are really the undisputed one, not to say i'm bias cause i'm from there, but all my relatives who stays elsewhere sworn by it.


You should try the ones in Taiping market in town.

The one in Yee Hup is dry and Soon Ann is not delectable.Even Penangites buy the Taiping heoh peah.

Me being an Ipoh guy,then working in Penang and also go to Taiping frequently.

For Penang Him Heang would be good on the tau sar peah,Ghee Heang is still okay,but both do not sell good heoh peah.

Just try the Taiping one and you can see the difference immediately


Thanks all for Taiping testamony. We have heard those are superior and will try to get up there in the not-too-distant future.

Paul - whoah buddy, let's not go overboard. You're insulting my taste buds here. ;-) The ones featured may not be up to Taiping version, but I wouldn't go so far as "dry" and "not delectable". It's a bit like lasagne bolognese - it'll always be best in Bologna, but my version is darned good.
Nonetheless, I'm getting a real sense of your sincerity and will try the Taiping version soonest.


U should taste the delicious (Bee Hiang heong peah)which is made in Kuala Lumpur.It"s biscuit is very crisp and the pastry is soft same as the jeli.It"s more delicious heong piah than OTHER I hav ever try.when u come KL u must try it by yourself!!!!!!!!!!


To those who supports Taiping heoh peah, HIGH 5 !
I'm a big big supporter too, and my saliva is gonna flooding in my mouth reading your comments. I'm missing those biscuits so much (I'm in UK now). The chinese biscuits here, even if I don't say, you can guess that it's way more expensive. I have to pay around RM2.45 for a small little tau sar peah. But I can't get heoh peah with maltose here, too bad.
Anyway, cheers to all biscuits supporters !

Yie Yen

There is another heong peah manufacturer, Seng Kee Heong Peah located in Gunung Rapat. They are using tradisional method of baking heong peah using coconut shell broil in special make cray oven. It is very delicius, worth trying. Simply different from those using conventional oven. Even Hong Kong Movie Star and Astro visited Seng Kee to make a tv program on it.

cute boy

I agree too.Seng Kee's heong peah is ultra delicious.I like to eat so I always ask my mother to buy heong peah(Seng Kee).Amount all the heong peah,i like seng kee heong peah the most.


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I tried many heong peah but liked SGT (manufatured in Perak too) heong peah best. Especially fresh baked from oven while the inside (watchacallit) is still warm. I'm from Melaka and recently found a place that sells fresh baked SGT heong peah. It's in a new place called Asia Village (just beside Crocodile Farm) in Ayer Keroh.


hi i would like to ask if anyone knows whether the Yee Hup Hong Piah is available for sale in Singapore?


Hi hi.... there are Yee Hup Hong Piah selling at Bugis Village... to satisfy your taste bud....


Hi everyone

I missed the biscuits in Ipoh do anyone know is there a way that I can import it to Canada or where can I buy it in Canada (BC)

Thank you

Bluu Asia

Nice post! Please note that we've featured your Ipoh biscuit picture in our article on Perak (http://www.bluu.asia/blog). We credited the picture with a link back to this post. If you have any objections, please let us know. Thanks!


Where can i buy Yee Hup biscuit in KL?


Loved the heong peah from SGT, anyone know where to get them in Singapore, thanks?


i love YEE THYE Heong Peah....if compare to others......anyone know where to get in s'pore??


I've tryied Ipoh Yee Hup, Penang Him Heang ,Ghee Heang, and Taiping heoh peah, but the best is from Parit Buntar Guan Hiang Biscuit. This bakery is not really a shop, it’s snugged in a quiet unsuspecting housing estate in Parit Buntar, 1.5hr drive up north of Perak from Ipoh. It really took us some time to locate it. And we was told that they just setup a blog with location map - http://guanhiang.blogspot.com/
You should try this one!

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