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It happens to me too. I think most of my readers use newreaders and, don't have blogs themselves. Those who have blogs, will tend to only link me if I also link them. Perhaps you can write them and ask nicely?


In short, they're using newsreaders.


Check Technorati:


That should pick up most (all?) sites linking to you. Sign up with Technorati, stick a link on your blog, start using a NewsReader to read blogs.

Subscribe to the RSS feed of the above mentioned Eating Asia search and you will automatically be informed in your Newsreader when someone links to you within minutes of it happening. No faffing.


hello, i really enjoy reading your site because i love food. i have particularly been enamored with malaysian cuisine since my recent trip to samba last summer. i came across your site while browsing http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com/mmmyoso/
hope that helps

annie ping

I've been reading your site via a friend's site: jackbarslow.typepad.com

Thanks for the delicious images!


Hi, I've been a reader of your site since I googled for a certain subject which eludes me now......Lovely pictures and write-ups...


Robyn, one or more of your referers has probably received a lot of traffic and that traffic is clicking through to your site. Check to see who is sending you the most referrals. Enjoy it!

I read your feeds through Bloglines.


Great site _ I can't wait to read it each day, and I'm still working back through the archives. I discovered your blog, doing a google search for something to do with Malaysian food, can't remember exactly what now, and I think you may have been a link on another blog I happened upon. Anyway, many thanks.

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