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please excuse my watering mouth! thanks for the fabulous trip down memory lane. ;-)


godd!!! this makes me want to go home. NOW!!!!


u r tempting me, dude...

Jane Sunshine

Hie was blog hopping and found your fab blog. Lovely.


Hi Robyn!

I did not manage to check this place out but quite a few people have also had very good things to say about it, so was wondering if you have tried it before:

Hear the seafood soup is to die for!


Thanks for the pic of the ikan pari ;0) I can get superlative skate wings (ca duoi) from my local Vietnamese grocery here in Chicago. I think I am going to try replicating THAT.

Shu cai, eh? Gotta look into that.


Ocean Village (directly behind Promanade Hotel) serves the best seafood in Kota Kinabalu.

The worst & most expensive seafood (but with the most tourists due to tie-up with tour agencies & tour buses) - Port View Seafood Village.

I dined at Ocean Village just 3 days & at Port View the follwing day, the food at Ocean tasted fantastic while that at Port View is way below expectation! Port View also has bad service, no boby refill our drinks even after several reminders; another American tourist also complaimned of long waiting time of up to an hour for the final dish!

In short, Port View Seafood - bad food & poor service.

Go to Ocean Village for a value for money food & service.

Taksin Bourdain

I have visited Kota Kinabalu thrice, twice on working assignment and once to climb Mount Kinabalu but this time I am bringing my family for food tasting. After googling for some time, I find information provided by eatingasia gives the best help. Thank You.

azmi yusop

masarap !!!

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