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I've never heard of fish noodles before! NOW I WANT THEM! OH GOD, THE CRAVING...


Overall, I just want to say that I love your blog. Your photos make me want to jump off a building. Or something. They capture so much deliciousness unseen in other food photography. And now...



Oh, you're killing me!! I'm with Robyn (above), I want fish noods now! paired with a glass of icy cold kalamansi juice with salty preserved plums. DROOL.


that's one of my absolute favourite foods growing up! it's weird how i've never encountered it anywhere else in Malaysia.


Folks, I do have to say that those fish noodles are seriously, deadly delicious. Would have to go in my 'Malaysia's Top Five Noodles'. This post is making *me* hungry.

Coincidentally, we happened upon a package of fish noodles in the tofu section of the grocery store, the afternoon we got back from KK. But I'm not gonna go there. I can't imagine mass-produced pre-packaged fish noods come anywhere close to these babies.


KG - check back later in the wk for more KK treats. I'm envious you're headed there next wk!

Posted by: Robyn | April 25, 2006 at 11:30 AM

Robyn,noted your msg (in fact, i m more envy you, so enjoy food). I m just like others,your fish nood are "killing me". I will be at KK for a wk, but i m actually heading to Mt.KK, Hot Spring & few islands. I really hope have time for the food, i love.......it.tks.....some more post coming?....killing me lah....


the fish noodle is absolutely darn goood..........its heavenly fish noodle paired up wit its long hours of brothed soup was jus excellently great..............a definitely die die must try!!!!!!!


If you all want to go back to eat fish noodle Yuan Li,they have move when 2010 January..I also do not know where they open but I know their hand phone number is 016-5888418,016-5882132 and 016-5861709 you can find them...When I know where they open I will post the comment at here....

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