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You're going to Abiquiu, New Mexico. I am so jealous...I'm in the urban city of Chicago. I love the Southwest. The color of the sky is amazing.

Have fun!


Ha! It looks like Thaigirl got it. I cheated and guessed New Mexico - all the images have a prefix Nm_ :-D The church is El Santuario de Chimayó and is a national historic landmark. The place looks like it is rich with history! Have a wonderful time!


I'm guessing Santa Fe, New Mexico. That's where Georgia O'Keefe lived for awhile, and that's where she died too, if I'm not mistaken. The church with the healing powers is Santuario de Chimayo.

Not that I've ever been the New Mexico. Hell, I haven't even been the old one.


Thaigirl must be right with Abiquiu, NM -- Santa Fe is hardly 'a speck of a town --although El Santuario de Chimayo is more like 20 miles away as the crow flies (maybe you meant by road?)

Unfortunately it looks like at least Manisha, if not Thaigirl herself, is US-based, so my hopes of being the European winner are not going to be fulfilled. Have a great time.


I'm guessing:

Abiquiu, New Mexico

I love your blog....and I'm in Taipei. Does that make me the first Asian reader to guess???

Oh, I so hope that I'm right!!!! :)

Thanks for all of your lovely food postings. I found this site and bookmarked it when I was looking for Thai food recipes one day....and I've been coming back ever since.


Hi, I'm going for El Sanctuario de Chimayo, outside of the town of Chimayo, New Mexico. I'm in Adelaide, South Australia, greetings to all from down under !


gonna miss all ur asia post. thanx for all the great stuff and awaiting for ur next post,


Yup, it's Abiqui NM. Looks like Thai Girl is the US/Europe winner, Jessica the Asia/Aus winner. Thanks to everyone else who participated.
Thai Girl and Jessica, drop me an email with your full address. Specify if you like it mild, medium, or hot.
Thai Girl's goodies will go out sometime in the next couple wks and Jessica, I'll send yours off from Malaysia after I get back wk of May 22.


I hope that you allow yourself to stray from the "eating asia" theme of the website at least once and post on chowing in New Mexico. I am sure that fans (specially those in Malaysia/Asia) would love to read a bit on what you ate while in NM.
[email protected]


Wow, I got it right? Awesome!

Thank you for offering your readers a bit of fun while you're away. I am in a middle of my finals week at school and your blog has been one of my much needed de-stressing activities. I miss the street food from Bangkok so much and now I want to go to KL also!

Happy travel...


Will you be posting on Mexican food? I can't wait!


RST and Rabbit - the problem is visuals. W/o my photographer how can I adequately convey the deliciousness of the local grub?
I'll take my dad's digital in hand and give it a try, but no promises....


haha.. was too late to participate in the mini-contest :) the pics look absolutely gorgeous though.. can't wait for the upcoming reviews!


I've been lurking, taking in your site for quite some time now, and now that you are heading back stateside, thought I'd give you a big Thanks! for the wonderful photos and stories. Your blog is a delight. Can't wait to see what comes next!


I will be in Abique during labor day week end to scout for elk. I will make sure to stop at your place,,,

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