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Noodles tossed in lard? Sounds heavenly. BTW, great blogsite!


Thanks tummythoz. Enjoyed a peek at your, um, unique take on food in Malaysia.

Suanne and Ben

You know what I'll do? I'll select some of your entries and make printouts of them just before I make a visit back to Malaysia one of these days. My visit will be centered around food! :-) Thanks for sharing Robyn ... love your site, love your writing and especially love your pics ... what camera do you use?



Lol. I'm already saliva-ting by looking at your pictures and I haven't read your post. The first picture took my breath away. It's so hard to find Hakka noodles in Penang! Which I only know one kopitiam serves. Okay, now I'm going to read.


Suanne/Ben, food - is there any other thing you'd plan a trip around? I can't think of a thing.... Dave uses a Canon T-90 and shoots on Velvia 100F slide film. Wonder if we're the only food bloggers scanning all our pics? We love the rich, saturated colors film gives us .. it's a quality hard to match with digital, IMO.

durianberry - is there a dearth of Hakka food in general, in Penang?


HI Robyn

Tq for info..heading there tonight!

lunch coolers

I want one of everything, you have made me so hungry now ;-)

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