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You've got ME thinking when's the soonest I can get over there for some beef noodles. And I live, well, many many hours away:-) Great post.


welcome back. Did you miss the food while you were in deepest New Mexico?


Tea - when you make it to Malaysia I'll spot you a bowl (or two). :-)

Phiz - still in the deepest heart of New Mexico. We have internet here, you know! ;-)


you have electricity in New Mexico?! You'll be telling me you have hot and cold running water next!


Funnily the 'Joker Bar' is called 'Red Rose' in Chinese? Lost in translation.......
The beef noodle reminds me of Korean's 'cha-chiang-mian'.


Rabbit - if I had a nickel (ringgit) for every mismatched/bizarre Chinese-English translation in Asia... If Korean cha chang mian are anything like Chinese cha chang mian (zha zhang mian), then these noodles are nothing like that. If that makes sense.

Phiz - yes, hot and cold running water as well. BUT - there's no nasi lemak, char kuey teow, or wantan mee here in NM, so I wouldn't exactly call it 'civilized'...


hye there..

i suggest u check out dis restaurant in bricfields..this restaurant serves delicious indian food..its situated in jalan padang belia behind ymca brickfields..the restaurant name is RESToRAN YUSOF & ALI..Check it out ya..you wont regret.


I was there recently too :) I've heard the Hakka mee there is really good as well but the stall was closed so I didn't get to try it!


Yikes! Followed my brother there from PJ the other day but ate from stall no. 742. ha ha ha...Blogged a bit on it. If that was good, stall no. 748 has to be better huh? Well, will go there next time! Nice blog you have here!


your entries and photos are awesome! i don't usually submit comments, but just want to let you know whenever my family returns to Malaysia to visit relatives, we insist on driving out to have the beef noodles -- at the exact same stand you blogged about. your description of it is perfect. the taste of it still vivid in my mind and on my tongue!

hiu woong sin

The old man, in his 90's is still alive, still helping to make his famous beef noodle which I again tasted when I last flew back in feb 2007, a must stop place on my occasional pilgrimage to Malaysia.

Cecena Lim

There is another very famous beef noodle shop in Tangkak. It's situated between Melacca and Muar i.e. when you are on the north-south highway from Melacca to Muar, take the Tangkak exit. After paying the toll, take the direction towards Muar, on the first trafic light (if i'm correct) turn right (this i'm sure). At the shops on your right hand side, there is one and only beef noodle shop that has been there for a long long time. Sorry does not know the shop name. It's known to us the Johorian as the Tangkak Beef Noodle.


Tangkak beef noodles..lowest on my list! Still Seremban is tops!

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