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Yeah!!! Chicago. Thanks for the cool post about my new hometown, Robyn. I just moved here last year from SF and I still haven't gone to the Maxwell Street Market. That pork tamale looks killer.

Btw, I got your package yesterday. Thank you so much. I love the fresh NM chili powder and the mexican oregano. When I opened up the box the smell from the hot chili was heaven.

I'm looking through the recipes you thoughtfully sent along...not sure what I'll make yet. I'm craving some homemade thai food though so I might make some fusion laap thing or nam tok with the chili first this weekend. It's supposed to get into the 80's here.

Again thank you so much for the gifts.



Wow. This was unexpected. Can't believe that you remember so much from a year ago.

You really shouldn't have an "eating asia only" policy. Otherwise, how would we ever hear about your chowing when you go back to visit Turkey or Alba/Asti. I know that you have plenty of non-Asia stuff from trips to other parts of the world that are worth sharing with your eatingasia fans.

Too bad that Dave did not have his camera with him during the Yunnanese dinner with old Chicago-Chowhound friends at Spring World. Otherwise, you could have an Asian link to this post. I still remember that wonderful casserole of chicken and dried quince (mu kua ji) from that dinner!!!

Corrections to post above:
1.) The century-old, now-relocated market at Maxwell Street where it intersected Halsted was the great crucible where Chicago (electric) blues was forged. But there was never any "blues club" located in the area. It had always been music-in-the-raw, music-in-the-open-air-of-the-market: the music of generations of African-American migrants from the Mississippi and other parts of the south who brought their folklore to the big city and transformed it into a new form of urban expression...

2.) Re: some would say...not authentic

On the contrary. The chow at Maxwell Street is some of the most authentic Mexican eating you will find anywhere in the world-including Mexico. Just look at those magnificent rich-yellow craggily-hand-formed, char-blistered tortillas...

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Hi Thaigirl, frankly I envy you. I think Chicago is the best eating town in the US today. I would choose it over San Fran, hands down, esp bec of the variety of authentic ethnic foods available. DO go to the Yunnanese restaurant the RST mentions in his comment, Spring World, which serves the best Chinese food I've eaten outside of China (and very spicy, too!). And head over to Maxwell Street and pick up some of those chipotle chilies, you'll love them.
You're welcome for the chili, have a good time with it!

RST - most of Turkey is technically in Asia, so I'd have no prob posting it. Actually, I have a post on past Turkey jaunts planned, down the road when I can get to the slides. At any rate, as you know, we've no major non-Asia travel planned for the near future. And at any rate, I'm not really sure I can add anything to the general blogosphere re: Italy. What else is there to say about Piemonte?
As for how much I remember from a year ago, the photos jogged my memory (oh man, that empanada stuffed with rice pudding!! simply heavenly!) and a quick flip through Kennedy and Bayless helped me fill in the holes.


Re: Piemonte

You've nothing to say about Piemonte? C'mon, who're you kidding! Why don't we also consider Italy "Asia" so that you can include it in your blog ;0) (Am I giving you a hard time here ;0) )

Welcome to Chicago, Thaigirl. I'd be glad to show you around Maxwell Street anytime. Same invitation is extended to any of the eatingasia readers from Thailand/Malaysia/elsewhere who happen to be visiting Chicago.


RST- thanks for the invite. You're on. Maybe we can round up a small roving and eating party soon.

Robyn - I saw your mee dish from a few posts ago and went to a BBQ and noodle place near Broadway. It was okay but still not good enough. I tried some other places in Chinatown but I must get to Spring World too. Do you have a favorite dish from there?


Okay, does anyone else feel sick after reading this post? I feel like I gorged on all that delicious Mexicana myself! Lovely job...

I too second the demand for not all-Asia-all-the-time. Even Pete Wells would be willing to give you a break from your purpose once in a while, I'm sure.


yay! mexican food is really great. the difference between chicago mexican and mexico mexican is the price, i think. In mexico food is dirt cheap!


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