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Wow - that drink looks crazy. There isn't a day that passes that i don't miss drinking fresh mango shakes.

The fruit in the UK is so rubbish in comparison to Malaysia - always disappointing!

Fulltime Mom

I wonder if this is the same minang salero as the one that was at the 10 cents roundabout (Jln 222) which was torn down several years ago.


Oops, I thot d 1st pix was of an insect! Lol.


I agree Matt - tropical fruit is one of the great things about Asia (I have to say though, Malaysia can't match Thailand when it comes to fantastic - and cheap - fruit).

FM, dunno. My understanding is that this place has occupied the same building since it opened. Maybe they had a branch?

tummythoz - !! :-) Yeah, I did a doubletake when I saw the eel, then knew I just had to try it.


oh, this post reminded of padang restaurant! i was born in indonesia, so yeah that avocado shake is a regular in my home even till now! super delicious dan creamy...

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