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I miss those markets! I remember mum taking me and buying me a pink or white steamed cake for breakfast or the pancakes filled with peanuts & sugar. sigh.


aww - i am homesick now. love this post, i think markets are great cultural experiences anywhere in the world.


when are you going to turn this blog into a beautiful glossy book that I could then give as presents to everyone I know?


Cin and serena -- not too smarmy? Well, it's all honest sentiment. We love it here.

phiz - excellent idea. Now all we need is a publisher to give us the big fat advance that would allow us to devote ourselves full-time to fulfilling the food porn needs of our devoted readers. ;-)


You could self publish. There's potentially far more money in it :) Lovely pics.

BTW - couldn't get any contacts on Alamy. But they DO have a good rep.


I love just about any "honest" market...and in this part of the world, that means a market that really does serve the needs of the neighborhood it is in... as much as large fancy markets are exciting and memorable, it's the daily grind of putting together a meal that counts...and the neighborhood wet market is the most critical for this purpose. Going to the market buoys me, it obviously does the same for you it seems...fantastic photos...


just to ask where is this Nam Chuan coffeeshop? the dim sum looks good!


Great entry! Brings back memories of the days when I went to the market in the mornings for breakfast. Wet floor, smells, noise and all!


pieman - Alamy looks good. Must prod Dave to work up some submissions. Thanks for the rec. As for self publishing ... a lot of work, I think. Would rather have someone else take care of the details....

Marketman - you and I are definately on the same wavelength when it comes to market love!

rokh - oops! my oversight. Gonna add coordinates now.

Ben - nothing like an Asian wet market.....


I was going to suggest in my latest comment that you should publish, but I see I'm well and truly beaten to it by several people! I'll add my vote anyway - self publishing sounds like a great idea to. If you publish, I'd love to buy a copy and help publicise it. Hurry up *grin*


One of the things I do everytime I visit KL is to visit the Bangsar market. My mum shops here.

My favourite stall is the chee cheong fund seller. Nobody makes it as smooth, and their yong tau fu are pretty good too. Finish with the silky smooth tau foo fa from his (nearby) neighbour.

My mum buys fish from the fair-faced gregarious young man behind the CCF stall, and chicken from the man near the soya bean curd stall. Pork from the stalls in the alleys. And latest fashion from mainland China when the vans manage to avert bandaraya officers.


Hi Umami, thanks for a local's perspective on this great little market. Saw the chee cheong fun seller - will try next time! And have a photo of the young fish seller, just didn't use it.


Hurray, you're back. Great post - makes me want to run out to Bangsar tomorrow.

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