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Those petite logs and fried dumplings- I like to dunk them in soup, chilli and sweet sauce in quick succession- softens them a little and draws up lots of sauce and yet retains crispness. My mum taught me to appreciate them this way. Like when I was 8 years old.


wow this feast looks amazing, I think I might have to take a trip to Malaysia to sample some of this fine food stuffs. Beautiful photos too.


A new place to try! I featured on my blog too a really good Yong Tau Foo place in Peel Road, opposite Queens Park Mall in Cheras. It's the best I've ever eaten! Do give it a try someday!


just did some of my own too. posted in my blogs.


The Hakka version (like the one at Foong-Foong/Hoong-Hoong in Ampang) has minced pork and flecks of salt fish added to the fish paste ... that's what makes it so good.

I think the Teochew version only has fish in it.


This is my favourite Malaysian breakfast and it's beyond me why someone doesn't set up a shop in London to satisfy all those homesick Malaysians. I'm sure it'd make a killing.


One of the best features about this place is the speedy service. And describing its service as speedy is not overdoing it. The dishes can appear with 5-10 minutes from the time you hand in your self-filled order in a slip of paper to the waiter!

And if you add a takeaway order, it will be ready for your collection at the cashier's counter by the time you finish your food.

There are two kinds of soup to go with the yong tau foo. One is a thick, almost gravy-like soup that comes with your normal order of yong tau foo. The other normal soup comes with the soup sui kau and vegetables, if you order this item.

I believe its present location is the third one, having moved from Jalan Ipoh proper at the present Mobil Petrol Station and then at the used car site opposite its present premises. Parking is a problem at lunch time because of the crowd.


Missed yong tau foo since we moved to Vancouver.

Zariah Betten

Please, can someone tell me where I can go in the San Francisco, San Jose area for Yong Tow Foo - please!!! I have been unsuccessful and this is my favorite dish for whenever I go back home to KL.

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