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I LOVE this post! I can't decide which is more gorgeous--the writing or the photography (you two can thumb wrestle for the honors there, I am just going to enjoy them both equally).

I love these sorts of travel experiences where it all just clicks into place. I finally fell for China on my last full day there--after struggling to like it for weeks. Must have had something to do with the produce market I got lost in that day.


Thanks Tea. China's especially challenging, I think. I struggled with the place the entire 3.5 years I lived there! Love it, hate it. Love it, hate it. Gotta leave, wanna stay - right up to the minute I stepped on the plane out. As Dave used to say, "In China your best day and your worst day are usually the same day."


that's a priceless quote haha...I must say my husband wants to visit China but I'm that hesitant. Sounds like Dave has a lot of stories, do share!


Susan, living and visiting are two different things. Many of our 'worst day' moments were related to work or day-to-day life issues ('96-98, when we were in Shanghai, the entire city - including our backyard - was one big construction zone!).If you're lucky enough to hook up with locals who haven't yet signed onto the new religion (MONEY) you'll find mainlanders to be among the warmest, most genuine, and down-to-earth folks around. The way to do that is travel the interior. Shanghai and Beijing are must-sees, but they're not all that China is.


I agree with robyn, staying and visiting is 2 different thing. Try Saigon, styaed there for abt 3.5 yrs and you know most of the ally and good stuff. The local fav eating places where they served authentic VN cuisine at dirt cheap price ( for us foreigner / expat ). Wonderful experience. Kinda looking forward to be in Macau, if my application is approved


Hmm - interesting how pple experience places so differently. Never took to Saigon myself, more than ready to leave after 2.5 yrs. Greatly missing the eats though, so it may be time for a trip back. Question is, will I like the place better as a tourist than as a resident?


Great post, Robyn.

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