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I sit in anticipation to what you've been eating. Can't wait!!


Can't wait to see those pictures! And can't wait to see the pictures of the equally wonderful (not as enormous, but arguably more charming) market of Bukittinggi!

And yes! perhaps bec of the Minangkabau diaspora, the folks here are some of the friendliest in all Indonesia!


期望"吃亚洲"能尽快分享给我们一些苏门答腊好吃及有趣的食品,照片,经历...享受你们旅程. Let me know if you need translation.
BT from 中国深圳(Shenzhen, China).


do post ASAP so we can drool over the pic and ur description of the food there..


Is it the durian season there? The durian flesh is purple in color, different from our yellowish orangy stuff in Malaysia.


BTW, have you tried cow's brains as a dish in nasi padang?


hi! ur site is very interesting!
@@ u r really into food paradise
but i would like to request ur help
i want to know what is the popular homemade ice-cream in Khula Lumpur now? can u suggest me about 5 shop or brands?

Pleaseee i really need ur help
please e-mail me or add me if u play msn
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my project waiting for u!

Robert Nanders

Great writing - it's a blast to see all these places that I STILL haven't gotten around to. Funny there's nevera big fuss over Mongol food - maybe because it consists almost 100% of boiled meat :-P


Folks, we're back, with copious slides (that will need to be scanned, so do be patient) and food tales. Posts to come in the not-too-distant future!

pui - I rarely eat ice cream in KL ... in fact I've been to only one place, Mattias (sp?) in Bangsar, the product of a German pastry chef. The flavors are to die for, a bit expensive but justified by the quality. See masak-masak.blogspot.com for a recent review. In Desa Sri Hartamas there's an Italian restaurant on the same street as Denise Wines that has a large selection of gelato. I've not sampled the gelato or the food (I go there to buy olive oil), but it looks tempting. Sorry not to be of more help. Good luck with your 'project'!

BT - no translation needed, just 10 minutes with a Chinese-English dictionary! ;-) Thanks!

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