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wow... looks delicious esp i'm a hakka. may i also put this in my blog? with your permission 1st. I'll refer back here. anyway, i love wantan mee. i'll take double usually with extra toppings and wantan.


Well basically this looks just like a normal kolok mee in kuching but glad that most of them are enjoying it :D though as kuching lang i still prefer to have a thick laksa soup as breakfast! yipee~

anyway i just view the laksa you have in KL hm...... i'm not sure how it taste but in Kuching the one we eat usually more tempting than that :P


littleguykitchen - yes, feel free to put it on yr blog, and a link back here will be much appreciated. :-)

DeV/LisH - thanks for stopping by ... I'm not fussy so Hakka mee, Sarawak laksa, char siew, chicken rice - any and all make a fine bkfast for me.


cant agree with you more. This place is serving absolutely delish noodle. Cant say that i'm regular there but will defintely eat there whenever I'm around the corner


I develop a sudden craving for noodle after staring at your photos!

Ciao... I am off to eat noodle now!!!


Your post and pics sent a tinkle to my eyes. For this is the dish I miss most when I am away from home. I daydream about eating bowls after bowls and dream again at night....
It has been 6 months since my last taste....
The pickled green chillies give the noodles yet another taste sensation.


you have indeed found the best hakka noodles in KL!!! craving for one now


it is really good
i had been eating there for over 10 years now


one of the best Hakka Mee i have had, havng travelled to many around Malaysia serving the same.

they have been around here for the past more than 50 years.

Colin T.

taste good for the first time. now this food sucks! i have this almost every morning for the past 2 years =P


Sorry Colin, I have to disagree. I've eaten at this place twice in the past 10 days and the Hakka mee are as good as ever.


You know, I never knew that Hakka Mee requires lard for the flavour. If only they'd thrown in some crunchy pieces of those fried ones, that'll be heavenly.


Now they open till 9pm.

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