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those days this market had wild animals on sale (for eating) including monkey brains...


I am ashamed to say that I've never been to the Pudu Market! Love the pics. It's lovely. Should visit the market some day...


Kelvin - thanks for that, er, interesting tidbit of info. Safe to say we would not have been passing a Sat. a.m., and snapping pics, at Pudu in those days. How many years ago, do you suppose?

Thanks, Syafique - I was a bit embarassed that it took 11 months after moving to KL for as to get to Pudu Mkt!

Pat Wong

My parents did their weekly shopping at this market even though we lived in PJ at that time.I am talking about the early 60's.As a kid I distinctly remember vendors selling iguanas, slauthering and skinning them. They were not the regulars at the market but itinerant vendors who sold their wares by the side of the road.


I grew up in my pre-teen years in the neighborhood. When I grew up I remember how stressful it was for me walking thru the market -- the wet floors, the people, the heat, the pushing and all. But having lived in Canada for so many years, I really missed those times. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I will be making my way to KL next month and will certainly try to make a trip to Pasar Rd.


Wow what great pictures! Almost feels like I'm there...


Lordy! Is that an image of green caimitos (Chrysophyllum cainito) that you have in the third picture from the top? I haven't seen one in over a decade now. I dream of this fruit all the time-it's one of the fruits I love the most in the world. But the season's all wrong-unless the picture was taken earlier this year...?


RST-don't know what it is ... I passed by this stall quickly while Dave stopped for a photo. The pics were taken just a couple wks ago. Googled caimitos and it sounds like a fruit we tried a couple times in Saigon (is it also known as 'milk apple'?), but didn't really care for. Only thing to do is head back to Pudu Mkt and pick up a couple samples.


Ah wait till you try the ones from the Philippines. They should be in fruit and delicious when you get there later this

I have never heard of milk apple but the description sounds correct. I have heard it called star apple.

The large purple ones are heavenly.


On the Pic # 6, there are a bunch of pink color flowers, what are they? They look like what Japanese people eat, I think they called it ginger flowers? Japanese usually made them into pickle .


Torch ginger of a specific variety. Bunga kantan (and not bunga luya) I think.


I was in Malaysia the whole month of June. People do eat better there, fresh, fast and cheap with lots of variety. We spent about $10UD for breakfast for 7 children and 4 adults. We really stuffed ourselves with roti canai, tosai, roti tisu, and lots of tea tarik. It was heavenly. For lunch and dinner we rarely spent more than $20UD. Love those mamak restoran. It was truly a fine vacation!!!!

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