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Way to go Robyn. And it was fun for us to have a peek at what you look like, even if it wasn't your idea. I know how you feel though. When I first started blogging I was hesitant to show my face, mainly because I'm pretty "old" by blogging standards. But then I was featured in a magazine, with a photo, and I couldn't resist sharing it. Everyone was very nice and I wondered why I had worried. You look like someone it would be very fun to have a great Asian dinner with!


All the pictures together like that makes me more than hungry! Congratulations, not least for thinking of a great angle for the piece!


Congrats on the piece, and good point. I, for one, would never think of Malaysia = food if not for you.


Well done, Robyn! What a great article, did you send it to David ;-) ? I know what you mean about Malay food, completely underrated. There is so much about it that I have yet to discover. I was happy to discover that there is a Malay stall in my office block here in Singapore! Just had bubur ayam for brekkie, yum yum. The only down side is how fattening some of it can be. But that's what exercise is for right? Hope you're well and keep on eating and writing...

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