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I'm almost tempted to change my mind about third world country travel! Haha! Why do I always torture myself by looking at your blog before lunch? I now feel like rushing out to stuff myself silly with padang food.


Eeek.. if only I had such an interesting neighbourhood nasi padang restaurant to visit. I might do more than visit - I might practically live there *grin*

More of the same please, I love the array of dishes you try in every post..

Have I said thank you (again) yet?


Rendang has pretty standard spices but every household's tastes differently because the taste vary with the amount of different spices used. Some like it hotter some like it stronger. The paste is widely available in market and just tell the vendor how hot you'll like it to be. I'm sure you can find them at spices stall in wet market as we have them even in Brunei.


reading your blog makes me really really homesick.
Have you tried Keripik Sanjai yet? It's cassava chips, deep fried with loads of chillies and sugar.


Thanks Rabbit. I'm kind of a purist - if I'm gonna make a curry or rendang at home I like to make the curry paste or rendang mix myself. How's the food in Brunei?

dwi - keripik sanjai - not only have I tried them, we watched them being made in Garege (don't know if that's the right spelling), in the road between Payakumbuh and and Bukittingi. Delicious! Stay tuned for a Sumatran keripik post down the line.


Hi, just found your wonderful blog here. It makes me want to eat Padang food, which I haven't touched for ages.
Anyway, you mentioned "pergedel" (the potato croquette). Pardon me if I am wrong, but I don't think it is wrapped in crispy tofu skin. The "mashed" potato is actually dipped into whisked egg before frying, and the skin is the thin layer of fried egg. At least that is the version in Java. Maybe they have a different version in Sumatra, esp. in Padang?


Daria - no need to ask for pardon, you're more likely to be right than I! Thanks for the info, and feel free to keep the informative comments coming!


Okay. How about Pagi Sore in toronto...then?
how about... how about.. california!!

I would drive 500 miles just for nasi padang.


if i could, i would fly everyday and eat pagi sore ( isnt it 24 hour in some parts? )
everyday...sigh.... but I can only drive 500 miles since I dont have a boat.

Tok Li Nasi Padang

Come try lunch at Nasi Padang Tok Li in Sri Gombak!


OMG dun make me drool please^^ I LOVE NASI PADANG!!!

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