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Avocadoes, yum! Good for the HDL level too.

I like them plain or with a dash or light soy sauce, myself.

I am so jealous - they are cheap. They cost nearly $AUD2/each at the moment.



I usually eat them plain. Mm mm. But there was that one time I had an avocado milkshake. It was one of the best milkshakes I've ever had. I hope I get to try your recipe! :D


AY - that is very weird, considering that here in KL I can buy avocadoes imported from Australian and NZ for about AUD 1.40 each! I feel your pain.

robyn - oh yeah, plain is good. With a nice sprinkle of kosher or sea salt. Darn tasty in an omelette too ....


That avocado & chocolate shake is just...weird.

(p.s. had a Cheeseboard pizza tonight, first one, yum! you are so right! nabbed it on my way back from doing research at the farmer's market.)


I knew it Robyn, we're being robbed!


Catherine - Oh yeah, Cheeseboard rules, no doubt about it! I got their cookbook but haven't tried to recreate the pizza yet ... I'm pretty sure mine would suck in comparison.
Hey, you're a foodie, love new taste sensations and all that - you gotta try the shake! I'm also hoping an enterprising reader will get the idea that it could be transformed into a rich, delicious ice cream, and pass me the recipe. (hint, hint)

AY - sure sounds like it! Can't you contact your local paper and get some investigative reportage going? And now I feel like such a whiner for ragging on the price of avocadoes in KL. :0

Ron Bennett

I remember the apokat in Sumatra back in the seventies.
You can use an avocado, sweetened condensed milk, Hershey's chocolate syrup. some ice cubes - fire up the blender - and yes - you have a great smoothie.
I want to try the the strawberry avocado mixture. do you have a recipe?
I might also add the the salak is a great fruit. It is a nut from a
certain palm. It is very tart - cunchy, somewhat juicy, has the consistency a crisp apple - and very tasty.
I love Cheeseboard pizzas as well. They are the best in town!


I use vanilla flavored protein powder, milk, avocado,some hazelnuts and a dash of flaxseed oil.
Great shake after a physical training or for breakfast. Fibers, vitamins, proteins, good fats...

L Hong

I've just stumbled into your blog. Very nice blog, indeed.

Since you love avocado, you must try this avocado + vanila ice cream + gula melaka dessert. So yummy. I found it at http://bossacafez.blogspot.com/2006/09/creamy-avocado-dessert.html

time for me to go get an avocado and a tub of ice cream to make this dessert again. Avocado cost about S$1.20-S$2.00 here in Singapore.

grace anderson

I love avocado's! One best thing that reminds me of my happy childhood :) When things go wrong I make myself a nice creamy shake! I even have one now!

Avocado Mask

OMG this is an uber post. I'm off to make an avo shake!!


We have lots of avos in the kitchen here at Alexander's home and we've been threatening to make shakes for a while now. When I googled 'avo shake' your blog and his were the first ones to pop up. But only yours had a recipe. Not only has your blog provided valuable tips for our time in Malaysia, it's serving us well here in the States too. Thanks!


Just had some avocado desert with avocado/vanilla ice cream at this Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hoa at Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya. Awesome desert, just stumbled upon your website whilst trying to find a recipe I can try at home.


I use to eat plain avocado with a plain sugar,and i never try to make a shake in my own.So, i decide to try your recipe now!.
and i think preparing and doing it is so enjoyable especially when i 'm with my sister!.

i'm going to improve it. thanks for the recipe!.

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