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any idea what its called in Chinese or Malay ? I really dont know what it is and curious.....


Looks like a "junior" version of petai. :)

Yep. I am curious. Any Chinese or Malay name?


You must get to India. It is fascinating and the food superb. I spent 3 weeks there on work many years ago and every dinner, local counterparts assigned to me took me to different local restaurants each night. They ordered (a big diffirence when a local orders foods that go together, pace the meal right, etc.)superbly and I felt like I had a crash course in Indian food. I don't remember many names but I do recall with fondness all of the food...


You have reminded me that I need to eat more mallum. We ate it most every day when we were in Sri Lanka. I'm glad the country finally intrigued you (based on your previous post). It's a fascinating land, though sadly torn up again (Jerry and I have posted a short story and photos on the ongoing Sri Lanka violence at www.redcoates.net.) I found one of my Top Ten markets, a beautiful vegetarian market, in Jaffna.
You are lucky to have that India-ness in KL. I wish we had more of it here in Chiang Mai, where it can be quite difficult to find Indian spices and ingredients.


Hi Karen - we went to Sri Lanka in 2003, had planned to go back but waited too long, seemingly. Very sad that the situation has spiraled back to civil war, it seems.

Michael and Bayi, see my update at end of post for more info. Might resemble petai in appearance but not in taste, believe me. There's not a whiff of stink. Try this bean, it's very tasty!

Marketman - in time, in time. Happily we have plenty of oppties for 'research' here in Malaysia!

Dharma Segaran

I read with interest this article about avarakai. I had a hard time looking for the english or scientific name for this and now I have a better idea. But the avarakai which I am growing in my small farm in Malaysia does not look like the ones in this picture but a little more rounded and angled. Not so flat but more lumpy and irregular. I am trying to cultivate this on a commercial basis. I will keep looking for more info. Thanks

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