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Ah nostalgia! My dad used to work near there. And Lebuh Ampang was where I had my 1st banana leaf rice meal while I was maybe 10 years old. I think I astounded even the shop owner with my capacity to pack it in! (In case you wonder which shop this was, I can safely say that even at 10, I was already truly Malaysian - I have never known the name of the shop, but I know where it is).

In a little lane off Lebuh Ampang, there's Ah Meng's fruit stall that sells a wonderful selection of local and imported fruit. There also used to be (but I think not anymore) a stall that sold chapati, and one which sold soup made out of pig's innards. My dad would bring home the soup for lunch on Saturdays.


You make Malaysia so beautiful...even the places where I pass frequently, but do not see the life that both of you see. Thank you.

virender jain

we require jain food (without onion&garlic)no involvement of sea food or non vegetarian .if you can provide us our required food please contact us.

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