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You KILLED me with all those photos and descriptions of the sweets! That watermelon cake is especially insane/awesome. And I'd totally go for the sickly sweet coconut shake. .__. When can I get in on the kuih action? WHEEEN?!


Your photos are amazing, and they have made me incredibly hungry! The watermelon cake look great, what was it made out of? And I was glad to hear that the biscuits were based on French delicacies, because my first guess were that they kind of looked like Asian biscotti!


The cake which is made from Marie Biscuits is also called Kek Batik since it resembles the batik patterns. Really no idea abt the other steamed cake as I have yet to see anything like that before in KL.


Well Robyn, if you weren't such a Francophile I guess you'd be semestering in Asia and lovely kuih like this would be within reach. Unfortunately you'll have to make do with *real* chocolate eclairs. :-)

risingsun, we did not sample the watermelon cake (can only eat so much in one pass!!). But I suspect they were some sort of sponge ... seemed very fluffy and light. Next time.

boo, I think I've seen similar steamed cakes elsewhere .. Ramadan markets? Keep your eyes peeled next month and Oct!


sorry, this is a bit late :P
In Indonesia, well, Jakarta at least, we call that steam-baked cake (the half moon one) kue pukis, and usually have a variety of fillings: savoury, like grated cheese (usually cheddar) or sweet ones.

puasa guy

plz la,ur killing me with those food.can u show a little respect n mercy 4 some of those who r fasting?


nice artikel and informative,,, good i like it :):)

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