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Great story. So the mantra to feed a cold and starve a fever must be correct after all(hmm ... or was that the other way around? Or was that feed a fever and feed a cold???).

Try teh halia (milky tea with ginger in it) next time - that's also a good cold blaster.


Sui Mai

I knew there was a reason my mom insists on macaroni cooked in chicken broth with a poached egg and ham!

Oh, and one of my personal favorites to get over a cold?

Hot lemon coke with ginger.

Soothing, sweet and zingy, always makes me feel better!

Sorry you were feeling poorly!


Hi Robyn

Sorry to hear abt yr cold..but agree that piping hot mi rebus does wonders ..cant say I have partaken of this particular variety but sounds interesting..in any case prefer the great spread of Nasi Padang get well soon!

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