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Gorgeous as ever Robyn... So, it's just like a Vietnamese creme caramel then, yeah?

Are you getting my emails about the magazine copmmission? Need an answer asap, or sooner.


Thanks, guys. your pictures are always such a delight and you not only remind me of food from the country I was born in but you've introduced my to so much more. Only a couple more months to go before we're there!


My late mother used to make the bubur sum sum Sumatra style eventhough we are Malaysia. Sadly I did not learn how to make it from her. Now living in Perth, I'll guess I will have to surf the net to find the recipes. Sometimes simple thing make so much satisfaction.


Graham - not exactly ... no dairy products involved. If you've had cream of rice it's like that, but thousands of times better. Yes on the email, yes on the mag, hope you got my return mssge.

Cin - relocating or just visiting?

flower - Interesting ... any Indonesian ancestry in your family?


I dont think so. My mom was from Selangor. But her mom was Chinese. But we do have relative that married Indonesian. But I guess that the Sumatra version is more common in Selangor since I have always seen and eaten that version.


Great pics but is it just my monitor? The pics always seem under-exposed and over-saturated. Please pass on to the cameraman.


bubur sumsum is a simple and quick dish to make.
here the recipe from my grandma. this is javanesse version.
for bubur just take 1 cup coconut milk + 5 cup water + 1 cup rice flour + 1 tsp salt + pandan leaves. all mix togeteher and stir until boil.
for the sauce 2 cup water + 1 gula melaka, bring to boil.


clem - we shoot with film not digital, specifically Velvia 100 which purposefully gives the rich, saturated colors we think our subjects deserve. Most, if not all food blogs, use digital. It's a very different look (obviously) but we prefer the depth of film.

Dyah, thanks ... will have to try this with some of the gula I brought back from Sumatra.


Oh my... I just found your website and I love it. Thank you for posting such great street foods with high quality photos and stories. Bring back lots of memories for me specially the Bubur Sumsum and Gudeg.

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