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Ah. IMHO, the best assam laksa is my mum's! Everything else is only for times of desperation.



Ahem Cupcake...can we persuade your mum for another laksa party ;)? After all, it's for Robyn benefit, so that she has a proper base to evalaute from!


Err.. there's no hard-boiled egg nor kalamansi/lime piece in Chinese Penang assam laksa - only in d Malay version. Usually a spoonful of d pungent prawn paste accompanies d serving.


That looks nice.

Sui Mai

I'm hungry.


my wife and daughter will be thrilled. they just love excellent assam laksa! thanks!


Eventhough I am a Malay, I still prefer Penang Asam Laksa made by the Chinese. I dont like to many condiment in my Laksa. Certainly no egg. But since since moving to Australia, I have to resort into making my own Asam/Penang Laksa.


Your laksa entry sent me to Penang Restaurant in Downtown to get me a bowl. I'll be home a couple of days before Hari Raya, give me a holler if you're in Taiping area before the end of November, my sister makes a wicked Penang Laksa.


Hi, Interesting post and nice pictures !

U r right the Malay version of AL is pretty good too. I m still looking for the 'best' one in KL . Wish me luck !


hye guys, i went to the pasar malam lorong TAR. but i cant find the stall u mention above.cause from he picture the stall doesnt look like inside the lorong tar beasr,which the main pasar malam road.so can i give me so direction to the stall?
really hope i can eat there.thanks ya^^

Abdul Mujib

Rahasia Mengambil Uang di ATM Tanpa Mengurangi Saldo Awal !

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