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Just add a piece of fermented beancurd into a bowl of plain porridge and I am in Cloud 9!


What a coincidence! I published a review today and was talking about this fermented beancurd cheese flavored bun I had in a Penang restaurant--very rare combination but tastes absolutely great. The next time you guys are up there, maybe you can check it out. :)



Your post about chou dofu (literally translated as "stinky tofu") and fermented bean curd got me nostalgic! The smell and the crunchy exterior/soft interior the chou dofu, coupled with the red chile sauce and the sweet/sour cabbage condiment... so delicious, despite the smell! Personally, fermented bean curd is interesting but not as delicious as the stinky tofu!


Excellent. As follow preserved tofu fan, I crazy about the stuff. Thanks for the killer recipes. I can't wait to get home and break out the wok to try them.

- CP


bayi - yes, that or preserved egg in congee -

Thanks Bee - will check it out for novelty factor alone.

SYL - I do feel a bit of a failure for never taking to chou dofu. Next time I'm in Shanghai will give it another try.

CP - good luck in the kitchen!


I was blogging today about things I don't like and your winsome article has me thinking twice...

Burton Dale

Ho's Trading Company puts out a most respectable Shanghai bean curd in brine. It comes in 500 gram contents in grey stone jars. It remind's me of my amah, Mai Ling, who back in 1930's before the Japanese invasion used to make a dish with presurved
doufu and congee when I was ill. It was a wonderful dish. Thank you for your bringing back such pleasant memory.

Burton Dale

Thank you for bringing back pleasant memory of my amah, Mai Ling, who made me fermented doufu and congee back in the early 1930's before the Japanese invaded Tiensing in 1936. It was truly a wonderful dish prepared by a wonderful person.


I bought some 'soy cheese' at my local asian market and tried a bit before reading this website...big mistake! I'm afraid I may never outlive the memory of that vile flavor! If it's every to be used as a condiment in my vicinity, it will certainly have to be without my knowledge!

Michel Petit

A personal message to Skip : if you don't like fermented taufu, why don't you try the durian fruit ? ;o)

Niki Prachensky, nikolaus@siamesetraders.com

WE FOUND it in the market in Kyange Toung - but later saw that the descendants of the KMT Chinese produce it Chiang Mai - of a sensational soft consistence, spreadable like butter - try it on toasted rye - better than any cheese spread i have ever had, we always have a jar at home, from what i have heared its abundant in vitamin B12 - chinese Marmite/Vegemite..;-)!!

Peter Gonsalves

I grew up eating this with rice and veg. My mother (not chinese) born in Shanghai and Father (not chinese) in Macau. My mother use to spread it on toast when she was pregnant. I want to know how to make it..any recipe?


@Peter Gonsalves Just ran into this post so I'm responding to your query several years late. Regarding making preserved bean curd, this is the only instruction I have been able to find: http://about-chinesefood.com/cookbook/homemade-flavored-fermented-bean-curd-1464/ The English is quite confusing but you can probably approximate a recipe from it. Good luck!

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