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Yeah, good old Minangkabau folks with their chillies. Have you been to Negeri Sembilan?The people there originated from Minangkabau too but have been here for centuries. Some variation in cooking but otherwise, the "piping hot" cooking is still intact.


Wow... The green stuff looks amazing--like Indonesian pesto! Would be nice if you could show a pic of the chili in question; as you're very well aware chilies vary incredibly from region to region in SE Asia.

The second sambal looks similar to the northern Thai dish nam phrik num, which also sometimes employs grilled makheua phuang (pea eggplants).



Jem - we've only been to Seremban, for beef noodles. But Negeri is on our radar. Hoping to make it down there soon.

Austin - the downside of film (instead of digital). Photos are not always easily to hand when you want them. I know we've got a pic of the chilies somewhere but wading through a pile of slides put me off. The chilies are long, thinnish, and curly. I've never seen anything like them in Thailand, or anywhere in the greater Mekong area, for that matter.


Hmmm looks tempeting
Here in Canada, we call belimbing as bilimbi. I can't find the fresh bilimbi for purchase, I only can find bilimbi frozen which is imporetd from the Phillipines.

Anyway. Thank you for sharing. Let me link your site please.

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