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The Malays eat this way too but without the cili padi. Usually hard-boiled eggs are offered at the warong and gerai with all the other food items. There is even a joke among the locals that we should eat hard-boiled eggs left overnight, which are possibly those left at the gerai and mamak stalls!


I got gas looking at it...

Greetings from South China where we eat civilized things--like Dog....


Thanks for the info, bayi. At a gerai or warung I would never pay attention to h-b eggs, preferring to focus on the dishes!

Hi Lonnie - yes, dogs in S. China - and middle (I recall a 'Nanjing Dog King' restaurant in Nanjing) ... and Vietnam, and NE Thailand, even NW Sumatra, and elsewhere, no doubt. I'll pass on that local specialty.

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