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Hi, Robin! Hi, David! I just tagged you for a project initiated by Melisa from "The travelers lunch box". The project called "5 things to eat before you die" :). Please read more on my blog. Have a nice weekend!


When we lived in Phnom Penh in 1998, there were frequent factory worker strikes and violence often broke out. Jerry was working for AFP at the time, and during one such episode, a fellow photographer returned to the office smeared in red. "What happened??!!? Are you OK?!!?" Of course everyone thought he had been hurt. But it wasn't blood. It was chili sauce. The demonstrators were squirting it at the cops.


Ritha -- I already did my entry for that meme, or whatever it was (see a couple wks back). Thanks for thinking of us, though!

Karen - funny! Unexpected too, since Cambodia is not the first country that comes to mind when I think 'fiery hot food'.


funny, what makes it more funnier is that the fact, it happened in the town where i used to spend my school holidays back then. , oh how i miss pematangsiantar. oh yea, this seems to be OOT, but have u ever been in my hometown,north sumatra yet? lotsa nice local specialities waiting to be tasted. =D


"waiting to be tasted"...,waiting to get a taste on , my english sux, (>.<) neway, u know wat i mean. =D

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