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Gasp gulp wow

The second pic is of the "edible seaweed" is of the famous ararosip (AKA lato, Caulerpa lentillifera) sometimes also called sea grapes bec of its popping quality. It is most delicious and should be better known outside of the Philippines.

Will get you the ID on the first seaweed in a bit.


Those breezy, elegant shelters at the tamu-nothing more than a 4-post frame and a simple covering-are a beautiful example of what is called nomadic architecture in postmodern architecture theory. This is one of the most primeval, one of the most elementary of architectural forms-the bare minimum of physical structure to mark the site of trade and social exchange. The same flimsy, makeshift, easily-dismountable forms could be found in markets from Uzbekistan to West Africa to Belleville in Paris. Although purely functional and often made of cheap or recycled materials (as corrugated iron sheets in this case), these shelters (as well as the mushroom rings of giant umbrellas) form an ensemble that is hardly "anonymous". Primordial paths are reestablished, crossroads are redefined, market hierarchies renewed every time the market is convened. See how people and architectural forms have melded together into that wonderful landscape of old trees...

Really gorgeous and very fascinating pictures!


it is like the talipapa in the philippines especially in my province (southern tagalog region) during marketdays - wednesday people coming from the "barios" bring their fresh produce in the market and they have this make shift stalls of bamboo and tarp. it is also the time to replenish their supply buy fish, clothing etc.

the fish before the seaweed photo looks like baby tilapia.

Rasa Malaysia

Yet another beautiful post and stunning pictures of something many people in Malaysia take for granted.

The picture of Norlinda's mother-in-law is one of the best "people" pictures I have seen.


I am leaving Chicago next week to travel to Yunnan and the Philippines (specially interested in Bulacan and Pampanga provinces). Are there any small markets like these that I should know about? Robyn and Dave are going to the Philippines in December and I am sure that they will be interested in any info you can give as well.



i have not been home for five years in fact i am leaving los angeles next saturday to the phils. but i think that every province has this. i know that in my place (Calaca, Batangas) we have it every Wednesday. i wish i could help you, well i will be there for 3 weeks and oct. 24 will be our town fiesta and i want to invite you and at least take you around, the Taal Basilica is next town, old spanish houses,i will give you my contact number you have my e-mail... we are still one of those towns that doesn't have a mcdonalds or jollibee or any fastfood franchisee. i don't now if its good or bad.


Thanks! I will make try my best to come by Calaca, Batangas on a Wednesday! Are there any other towns that are worth visiting in that area? I know that Robyn is very interested in bagoong Balayan. Do you know any bagoong maker in that or nearby towns that are worth visiting? Maybe Robyn and Dave can come by for a weekend visit. After all, the airfare Kuala Lumpur-Manila on Cebu Pacific is currently on sale...

Is talipapa the local word for this kind of weekly market? Is there another kind of market (a permanent one for instance) in your town?

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oh yes, the best bagoong balayan is made by the Maglunog family in Balayan the next town, i will ask for their exact address and contact number. my grand-aunt used to make bagoong in large clay jars and man they were stinky but gooood. my mom sent me a bottle one time via new york to l. a. and i am savoring every drop of it.from manila you are going to pass by tagaytay and nasugbu - you could check anton's our awesomeplanet ( check marketman's website for the link) and i think the next major town is balayan, calaca, lemery - their marketday is saturday and its big includes cattle too, and then the taal, old spanish houses, basilica and the miraculous virgin of caysasay, stairs going there .


i will e-mail you from the phils. when i get hold of the address/tel. #


Everyone, thanks for comments. RST, nice observations re: nomadic market architecture. Got any literature recommendations re: this?

Alilay - oh, I wish I could go to your town's festival. Thanks so much for the bagoong info, we are quite interested as RST noted. And any market recommendations anywhere in PI much appreciated, we will be travelling specifically for markets to PI in Dec. Feel free to email me directly. Cheers!

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