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eric mcccormick

You're right about the sugar problem. It's not restricted to your neck of the woods either.
It's everywhere. Try finding a supermarket sauce for convenience at home. Hoisin, plum, black bean, Thai stirs, Malay sauces.
They are packed with sugar. So now I've given up and have a go myself.
Even the Indian, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Cambodian and Indonesian restaurants chuck in sugar by the boatload.
At home, when you use turmeric and coriander powders, plus shallots
etc, the dish naturally sweetens.

Why do they spoil it for those of us who don't wan't it dumbed down.

Cheers and thanks, Eric

(Glad I found your site).


Sorry you didn't enjoy the food; the photographs sure look very yummy...


What?! No sambal belacan to go with the xiao long bau?! What heresy!



Hi Eric, welcome. Oh, the problem isn't limited to Malaysia of course ... in Bangkok Vietnamese food is made too sour and dim sum too spicy, to suit local tastes. In Saigon, Thai food is sweet and not hot at all, to suit Vietnamese tastes.
And you're right - the best way is to do it yourself .... it'll be better than the bottled/canned stuff anyway.

Bee - well, we got something out of the meal then, yes?

Cupcake, had we asked I'm sure it would have been delivered. :-)


"kadayifi" - I think it is an adapatation of a Greek dessert called kataifi.


keep away from the fancy-schmancy places and stick to the hawker stalls! no matter what the food is like - and it's usually excellent - you enjoy it so much more when it costs RM4, not RM40!


Richard - and the Turkish kadayifi, and the Middle Eastern kadayifi... truth be told, I prefer mine filled with pistachio nuts and honey!

Phiz - spoken like a true Malaysian! Perhaps we're 'going local' ... we spent a good deal of time after the meal grumbling about the cost. ;-)


Greate foods site I ever found, pictures are clear and the food looks yummy.

2 days ago, I bumped with my friend in Jalan Imbi, kl and try out the soup pedas & fish head in one of the restaurant there, the price is reasonable & I recommended you to try out and enjoy the foods there. the location is as below:-

magic restaurant 刘太辣汤
53-3 Jalan Barat
Off Jalan Imbi

Happy eating


Bangsar branch closed down,Avenue K near KLCC still open


Bangsar branch closed down,Avenue K near KLCC still open


Bangsar branch closed down,Avenue K near KLCC still open


Bangsar branch closed down,Avenue K near KLCC still open


There's another outlet Shanghai 10 in sg.wang plaza 3rd flr next to post office. many patron from bangsar comes here for siew loong pau. its just as good. Yummy....

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