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What lovely pictures. This woman may have something going on with "medicine water".


Intriguing stuff! So the cane sugar is responsible for the sweetness? Does she pour it through a strainer? How does she brew it or does it just kind of dissolve in the hot water?

Love the name! Sounds like something you'd say after quenching your thirst or having a really satisfying meal.


Lannae - yes, she was very spry indeed!

Sticky - this lady dipped it up readymade. No strainer. Yes, the brown sugar gives the sweetness. The other vendor I mentioned just poured boiling water over a powder and added sugar. I'm hoping someone pipes up with some info - it was really delish but I couldn't find anything on the web abt it.

Yummie dummieS

Hi! Nice blog you have there! Just to let you know it's really interesting to read about your travels :)


Yummies - thank you. And welcome!

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