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I absolutely love his ikan bakar - ever since we discovered it, I don't go to Bellamy anymore. My fav is the Ikan Keli (Catfish). Another must is the Nasi Lemak next door and the tea from the first stall.


One thing that I really "resent" living in the US (even in the west coast) is that I can't get any fresh fish (not the kind you get in the wet markets in Malaysia!). There are fish in Asian markets here, but their eyes are red and they just never look fresh. Sigh. I can only dream of Ikan Bakar or salivate over my fish pictures taken in Penang. :(


I have often wondered about the other stalls at this hawker complex, but I've always made a bee line for the Tanglin Nasi Lemak (which I've been eating since 1981!) which is the corner stall nearest to the car park area. Have you tried it?



It's true, Bee, that the selection in the US isn't as astounding as it is here. But I'd look beyond the Asian markets ... where are restaurants getting their fish? We found a (non-Asian) v. small neighborhood place in Berkeley CA that had a small, but always top-notch variety on hand. I miss big gorgeous mussels for $4.99 a pound!

Boo and cupcake, haven't tried the nasi lemak yet. All in good time ...


Yumm....Ikan bakar, a forgotten favourite. Thanks for sharing



i'd like to know the operation day/hrs of the stall.



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