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I do so enjoy your blog, beautiful photos and I really feel that I'm learning something about Asia when I read. Thanks!


Thanks Ilva. You're no slouch when it comes to photos either! Just had a peek at your blog - ah, it's cavolo nero season! I love the stuff (and there's nothing like it to be found in Malaysia, unfortunately).


Love your blog. I have been looking for abacus beads everywhere. My mom used to get this from an old lady in Petaling Street many years ago. Since she doesn't have an actual store we don't get to have them as often as we like but usually when we do find her squatting along some walkway next to her big pot it was like striking gold. I'm so happy to have read this post. Unfortunately I am in the US right now but I will definitely give this stall a try when I get home. Thank you.


Huh. So abacus beads are a little like Malaysian-Chinese gnocci. Interesting.

- Chubbypanda


wow delicious makan!

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